United Southern African Federation

Together, let's control our own economy,
our destiny and our own independence.....
Economic expropriation - Economic Revolution!

Welcome to ZUIDLAND (First State of)
USAF (United Southern African Federation)

Become an e-Citizen?

Becoming a USAF e-Citizen could not be simpler, click the sign-up button and sign-up, you can then login and register your dependants.

Start an e-Business

e-Citzens are able to open a business in the Virtual Nation. Create a location-independent business outside of the clutches of any government or country.

Digital Cloud e-Banking

e-Citzens are able to open both a personal or business account within the cloud. The PayApp platform is not governed or controlled by any government.

More benefits of being an e-Citizen

A Virtual Nation without borders and NO government intervention:

  • Digital e-Banking
  • Business Registration
  • Property and Land Registry
  • Zuidland Municipal Services
  • ZuidPOS - Postal Services
  • BLOKK - Security Services
  • Boerelegioen
  • Voorbegin Kibbutz Project
  • USAF Polling Station
  • USAF Social Network
  • USAF Business and Trading Portal
Democratic Government is a governance mandate by and for the people, government therefore governs on behalf of and through the consent of the populace within a defined territory.
Should said government prove to be destructive, biased and self-serving, it is the right of the people to WITHDRAW THE MANDATE, abolish the agreement and institute a new form of governance.